Daily maintenance precautions for NAIBU Floor
Considering the professional needs of the gymnasium, good use effect and floor service life can be guaranteed through good maintenance. We suggest that the following need to be handled:
1) Methods for daily maintenance:
1.  No waxing
2.  In dry environment, it is suggested to close the hall and increase the number of mopping appropriately.
3.  In rainy season, ventilation should be strengthened because of the increase of air humidity. Doors and windows should be closed in rainy days.
4.  A wet mop without dripping water or a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean floor surface dust.
5.  The water on the floor and the stains caused by accidental pouring should be wiped off in time.
6.  In order to avoid the wood floor being exposed to the sun, curtains should be added to the venue.
7.  It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, esters and other oil products as cleaners.
8.  Regular cleaning of floor vents and expansion joints should be very necessary.
9.  The normal service life of floor paint is 3-5 years. If it is overdue, the anti-skid performance may be weakened and local paint will wear out which is a normal phenomenon. If renovation is needed, please contact the manufacturer at that time.
2)  Attentions for entering venues:
1.  Anyone who enters the venue must keep the shoes without dirt, sand or other sundries.
2.  Hard objects are prohibited from dragging or rolling on the floor surface in order to prevent damage to the floor surface.
3.  It is forbidden to sprinkle water or throw garbage in the venue. Smoke, metal products and pointed items are forbidden to be brought into the venue.
4.  It is necessary to lay a protective layer on the floor covered by the construction scope during the construction of the venue.
Advice: Mild cleaning maintenance at least once a year. At least 3-5 years professional polishing renovation.
Our company mainly engaged in professional maintenance, polishing and renovation business. If necessary, please call for advice.