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In 2006, Liaoning NB Sports Development Co., Ltd. was founded. The factory has a whole production line for sports floor which is located in Fushun, Liaoning Province,. NAIBU devoted itself to cultivating sports industry from the very beginning of its establishment. After years of development, NAIBU can process maple, maple birch, oak, pine and other high-quality wood floor of various commonly used specifications, and customize processing according to the professional needs of customers. At the same time, NAIBU can also provide nationwide installation and renovation services for sports floor with a construction team. 
For more than 10 years, products and services for NAIBU sports floor have been widely used in professional arena, sports venues in primary and secondary schools, various training venues. NAIBU has become one of the leading manufacturers of sport floor in China because of its professional technical precipitation and abundant construction cases. 
NAIBU sports floor is produced in strict compliance with international standards DIN and national standards which acquire ISO quality and environmental management system certification from surface floor treatment and system structure to installation, construction and maintenance. This not only brings benefits to venue operators and investors, but also provides reassuring protection for athletes, and won the favor of athletes and stadium operators.