Scientific design and installation of sports floors is an important issue for venue builders and equipment service providers. It is necessary to ensure the aesthetics, practicability and durability of venues and buildings as well as the requirements of skid resistance, elasticity, wear resistance and environmental protection.
Over the years, NAIBU has been using advanced manufacturing technology to build an important part of the stadium: sports floors. In terms of material base, NAIBU floor provides high quality wood floor and keel structure. In terms of after-sales service, NAIBU floor provides professional installation and maintenance. It has won the favor of athletes, project contractors and venue operators for many years. 

Paving Technology of NAIBU sports floor

1. Sub-floor Treatment
Sub-floor treatment should be carried out before installation of sports floor. Clean up debris and dust of the surface floor to prepare for the next process. Sub-floor treatment can be used by broom, spade and other tools to remove surface debris. Professional grinders are used to smooth the rough and uneven parts of sub-floor. Dust produced in the sub-floor treatment should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner which can not be washed with water, because the anti-corrosion and moisture-proof performance of the floor will be seriously affected by the operation with water.
2. Moisture-proof treatment
The service life of sports wood flooring is largely influenced by the quality of moisture-proof treatment technology. Different sub-floor should be treated with different moisture-proof treatments. If the sub-floor is surface floor, SBS, non-woven fabric or APP polymer waterproof material can be used for the moisture-proof layer. In the case of that sub-floor is the floor, the anti-corrosive oil should be selected to be applied on the surface of the sub-floor as a moisture-proof layer. Different moisture-proof technologies should be selected to deal with different sub-floor which ensures the moisture-proof effect and reduces the cost of construction. 
3. Snapping the line
Snapping the line is a important process before keel installation according to dimension of construction icon of wood floor.
According to the distance between keels, snapping the line ejects the axis of the main keel horizontally and the dimension line of the auxiliary keel installation vertically. The actual size will be different from the drawing size. In the course of snapping the line, the size line should be arranged according to the same distance to avoid errors..
4.Making level
As the most basic work of wood floor paving, making level directly determines the overall leveling of sports floor. The pavement area is proportional to the complexity of leveling work. Because the size of keel is quite different, the common method of making level is to lay the keel in place according to the elastic line and use the wedge to raise the lower part and remove the higher part of the sub-floor whose process greatly improves work efficiency.
5、Installation of wooden keel
When installing wooden keel, the sequence of installation is first up and then down, first main and then secondary. Before installing wooden keel, material with large size error, keel with bending deformation, edge and corner material should be removed. As the most necessary process for the installation of wood keel, the usual fixing method is to make embedded parts at the sub-floor and the embedded part and keel are tied together by steel wire. Although this construction scheme is easy to operate, it has the characteristics of poor durability. It is more commonly used to fix keel on the sub-floor with elongated expansion bolts whose advantages are adjustable fixed force and long service life. 
6. Cushion Installation
Cushion can not only increase the floor elasticity, but also reduce the athlete's sports injury. The elasticity of the floor is directly related to the installation of cushion. Installation of NAIBU cushion begins with material selection. High quality, good elasticity and anti-aging rubber products should be selected. At present, there is a popular cheap recycled rubber in the market, but it has the characteristics of poor elasticity and durability which means that they are not suitable for making sports floor cushion. Moreover, the cutting size of cushion should not be less than the width of keel. 
7. Wool Floor Installation
The integrity and firmness can be increased by wool floor for sports floor. Antiseptic treatment will be used to treat NAIBU wool floor before installation. The traditional anticorrosive technology is coating the wood keel with anticorrosive oil in order to achieve anticorrosive effect. The wool floor is usually laid obliquely in the direction of 45℃ to improve the integrity. When the wool floor is paved, attention should be paid to the stubbles which should be arranged at the keel as far as possible. If the stubble can not be joined at the keel, the size should be measured, and then the handsaw should be used to cut 45℃ in order to meet the effect of stubble joining. In the course of the laying of wool floor, the problem of through seam should be noticed to ensure the quality of the pavement.
 8.Surface Floor Installation
Installation of surface floor is the key link in the pavement of sports floor. whose paving technology is directly related to the success or failure of sports floor paving. NAIBU surface floor is processed by cooking, desulfurization, dehydration and insect control before installation. Every link is crucial. Clean floors without dehydration will shrink and warp over time due to excessive moisture content. The clean floor without insect-proof treatment will be damaged by the erosion of insects and reduce its strength. When athletes compete and train, the erosion and damage of the floor can easily cause sports injury. Surface floor should be laid in a straight direction (usually in the direction of the entrance). When the wool floor is paved, we should pay attention to the straight seam as far as possible, and at the same time we should pay attention not to leave vents to improve the overall strength.
9. Floor polishing and painting
Painting is the last step in the paving of sports floor. If the process is properly handled, it will be the icing on the cake. On the contrary, the effect of finished products will be greatly affected. Sports floors will be polished before they are painted.
When painting, we should choose the paint with the characteristics of fast drying, anti-skid, wear resistance, environmental protection, non-reflective and so on. Floor paint usually brushes for three or four times or even five or six times. After finishing the floor painting process, the site line is drawn according to the site. Generally speaking, the latest competition venue standards or unconventional standards agreed by both sides are the basis for drawing venue lines. In order to ensure a unified visual effect and maintenance procedures, the paint used to draw the site line should be the same series as the floor paint. 
10. Ventilation and Noise Reduction Settings
Ventilation and noise reduction devices will be installed in the floor pavement of NAIBU sports floor in order to achieve durability and comfort, Ventilation devices are usually installed after completion of floor construction. The general practice is to drill ventilation holes on the clean floor at the edge of the site. Installation of a grate on the hole prevents debris from entering. Before the installation of the wool floor, a simple and effective noise reduction device can be made by filling the keel with wool which can effectively reduce the noise of the venue.
Because of its good integrity, elasticity, long service life, anti-skid and wear resistance, and environmental protection, sports wooden floor can be widely used in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, judo, martial arts and other professional sports venues. Because of the complexity of the process and the high requirement of strength and structural reliability, the working procedure of the moving wood flooring is also strict. We firmly believe that as long as we keep improving our work attitude, constantly optimize product design, formulate and conscientiously implement practical paving plan, the structure and paving technology of sports wood flooring will be more excellent to meet the needs of sports.